Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Face Raiders Stage 3 - Beating the Boss

The 3rd Stage of Face Raiders on the Nintendo 3DS is not too hard, but it can get a little frustrating at the end.  To beat the boss you have to first make it so you forehead jewel is unhidden for you to hit.  To make it show up, you have to make all the Miis flying around the boss to be flipped upside down.  Every time you hit them they flip around.  This means if they are upside down already you want to try to not hit them.  The ones right side up you want to hit.

You get some practice with flipping them to all be down earlier in the level when sets of the spike topped Face Raider Miis pop up and only can be defeated as a group when you make them all be upside down at the same time.  For the most part, it is pretty easy, although it can be confusing to downright frustrating when you do not at first realize that is what you have to do.

The boss is a little tougher, but when you know that you have to get the Miis to be all upside down it is not too bad.  However, the Miis do move around fast near the end and at the very end the boss does a lot of hiding right behind them all to try to keep you from hitting his gem.  Of course, that is the whole  point and part of the challenge.  At least it does not cause you damage at the same time.

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