Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Often Can You Tag Someone in StreetPass?

To me it appears that you can tag the same person/Nintendo 3DS in StreetPass mode every 9 hours.  However, from some of the stuff I have read online it is totally random between 5 to 12 hours.

I have had my Nintendo 3DS for almost 2 days now and at the same time my bro has had his. In about 40 hours of us both having StreetPass set up we have tagged 5 times.  After some testing I have determined it retags every 9 hours, although it varies a little (not much), but I think that is related to how far our DSs are from each other based on where we each have them in the house, etc. when we can retag again.  The time for retagging might vary based on the specific Mii???

The first time we tagged was about 4pm. We both left our 3DSs in Sleep Mode overnight and in the morning we had tagged again. Then around 10am yesterday we tagged a third time. We tagged a 4th time around 8:30pm last night and then a fifth time this morning around 5:30pm (I believe we did not tag automatically overnight this time because our 3DS were on opposite sides of the house and the first night they were in same room).

I kept reading it could only be done once a day per system you tag, but that is definitely not true. At first I thought it was every 10 hours, as that best matches up with the different timing of our tags. However, after more testing and paying better attention to the tag times I am pretty sure it is every 9 hours, although their is a slight possibility it is random between 8 and 12 hours between tags.

I am glad it is more than once a day, though, as that means I get to use him as a hero to further my progress in Find Mii without having to buy heroes. Plus, he levels up every time we tag and thus is more helpful.

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sikhamsouk said...

I agree with your theory, but I was able to streetpass one of my classmates two time in 20 minutes. Only I got him twice and he only got me the second time. We both had Street Fighter 4 3D in and we passed in the Mii Plaza only.

wildcat1001 said...

The variable definitely has to be random, as I am almost always near another 3DS with their being one other person in each of the places I mostly hang out.

The shortest I have period in between streetpasses I have experienced is 5 hours, but I totally believe that it can be shorter. There might be a larger limit of only 3 to 4 times in a 24 hour period per person you pass with the timing of the streetpasses varying.

It certainly seems to average out to every 8 hours for me and my bro to the point it is almost consistently occurring at around 7:30am, 3:30pm, and 11:30pm or at least the last two days have been oddly exact. The exactness could relate to how many times you have Streetpassed the person with more frequent streetpassing possible with people you have passed less or have not passed in a while. I am just theorizing, though.

pokefanhyh said...

Thanks for the tips. I totally thought it was once a day.

Rhodri Morgan said...

I had today, two tags from the same person within less than 2 hours, although they had been right next to each other the entire time

Anonymous said...

I had connected with my bro by streetpass two times a day, I thought it was because I was changing the date (I did it for the playcoins) but it just happened twice and I changed the date many times, not that much but at least more than three times. But the time we connected it might have been like 9 hours or so since we first connected to the second time on that day.